1: 1. Cookie throws a drink in Anika's face. 2. Cookie's fierce comment on power plays. 3. Cookie's infamous "You're dead to me" line.

2: 4. Cookie and Lucious' explosive confrontations. 5. Cookie's epic entrance in a fur coat. 6. Cookie's iconic one-liners in heated moments.

3: 7. Cookie's bold fashion statements. 8. Cookie's relentless pursuit of her goals. 9. Cookie's emotional vulnerability in family moments.

4: 10. Cookie's fierce protectiveness over her sons. 11. Cookie's unforgettable verbal sparring with Lucious. 12. Cookie's fearless attitude in the face of danger.

5: 13. Cookie's dramatic showdowns with rival characters. 14. Cookie's unapologetic authenticity in relationships. 15. Cookie's empowering speeches on women in power.

6: 16. Cookie's unexpected acts of kindness. 17. Cookie's hilarious moments of comic relief. 18. Cookie's memorable scenes of raw emotion.

7: 19. Cookie's ruthless business tactics. 20. Cookie's sassy clapbacks to critics. 21. Cookie's endearing moments of sisterhood with Porsha.

8: 22. Cookie's tender moments with her grandchild. 23. Cookie's bold moves to protect her family. 24. Cookie's cunning schemes to outsmart enemies.

9: 25. Cookie's dramatic exits from intense situations. 26. Cookie's unexpected acts of forgiveness. 27. Cookie's enduring resilience in the face of adversity.