1: 1. Stay indoors during a dust storm 2. Close all windows and doors 3. Use a mask to protect yourself

2: 4. Avoid driving in a dust storm 5. Pull over safely if driving 6. Turn off headlights

3: 7. Stay informed with weather updates 8. Have an emergency kit ready 9. Stay hydrated during a dust storm

4: 10. Secure outdoor furniture and objects 11. Keep pets indoors 12. Seek shelter in a sturdy building

5: 13. Avoid unnecessary outdoor activities 14. Be cautious of downed power lines 15. Avoid power outages during a dust storm

6: 16. Stay away from tall structures 17. Keep windows and doors sealed 18. Be prepared for potential health risks

7: 19. Stay in touch with emergency services 20. Have a communication plan with family 21. Stay updated on road closures

8: 22. Be mindful of visibility issues 23. Use caution when walking outdoors 24. Be aware of potential respiratory issues

9: 25. Follow evacuation orders if necessary 26. Stay calm and collected during a dust storm 27. Be prepared for potential power outages.