1: Taraji P. Henson shook things up after Empire by firing her team. The Cookie spinoff failed, leaving everyone without a plan.

2: With Empire’s success leading nowhere, Henson took charge. The failed spinoff meant it was time for a fresh start.

3: Henson’s decision to let go of her team didn’t come lightly. The lack of setup post-Empire meant changes were necessary.

4: The Cookie spinoff disappointment forced Henson’s hand. Success wasn’t guaranteed, and tough choices had to be made.

5: After the Empire saga, Henson took control. The failed spinoff left everyone at a loss, but Henson had a vision.

6: With nothing set up following Empire’s end, Henson took action. Firing her team was a bold move, but necessary.

7: Henson’s team had to go after Empire’s success led nowhere. The failed spinoff required a new direction.

8: No plans in place post-Empire led to Henson’s decision. Letting her team go was a difficult but crucial step.

9: After the Cookie spinoff failed, Henson cleaned house. No setup meant starting from scratch for the Empire star.