1: "Suits" - Follow the intense legal battles of a talented college dropout at a prestigious law firm.

2: "The Good Wife" - A lawyer balances her career and personal life while navigating the corrupt world of politics.

3: "How to Get Away with Murder" - Law students get entangled in murder cases with their ruthless professor.

4: "Boston Legal" - Join eccentric lawyers at a Boston law firm as they tackle controversial cases.

5: "Better Call Saul" - A small-time lawyer evolves into a criminal lawyer in this "Breaking Bad" prequel.

6: "The Defenders" - Superheroes and lawyers team up to fight crime in New York City.

7: "The Practice" - Follow a group of young lawyers as they navigate the challenges of the legal profession.

8: "Damages" - A high-stakes legal drama follows a ruthless lawyer and her ambitious protégé.

9: "Ally McBeal" - Dive into the quirky world of a young lawyer balancing her career and love life.