1: Discover the stunning monarch butterfly, known for its vibrant orange and black wings.

2: The exotic blue morpho butterfly shines with its dazzling blue wings found in Central and South America.

3: The delicate swallowtail butterfly with its colorful patterns can be spotted in various regions across the globe.

4: Witness the beauty of the painted lady butterfly, a migratory species known for its intricate designs.

5: Marvel at the beauty of the peacock butterfly, featuring eye-catching "eyes" on its wings in Europe and Asia.

6: Explore the tropical paradise of the Ulysses butterfly, flaunting electric blue wings in Australia.

7: Admire the ethereal glasswing butterfly, with transparent wings that give it a magical appearance.

8: Encounter the unusual owl butterfly, named for its owl-like eye patterns found in Central and South America.

9: Experience the enchanting beauty of the rajah Brooke's birdwing butterfly, showcasing iridescent green wings in Southeast Asia.