1: Meet Meredith Grey, the central character of Grey's Anatomy. Her complicated family tree is a key element of the show's drama.

2: Meredith's mother is Ellis Grey, a renowned surgeon with a troubled past. Her father is Thatcher Grey, who struggled with alcoholism.

3: Meredith's half-sister, Lexie Grey, also becomes a doctor at Seattle Grace Hospital. Their bond is tested by family secrets.

4: Derek Shepherd, Meredith's husband, is a talented neurosurgeon who becomes a father figure to her children.

5: Zola, Derek and Meredith's adopted daughter, is a source of joy and challenges for the Grey-Shepherd family.

6: Meredith's youngest daughter, Ellis Grey Shepherd, is named after her mother. She represents the next generation of the Grey family.

7: Amelia Shepherd, Derek's sister, is also a doctor at Seattle Grace Hospital. Her relationships with Meredith and her own family are complex.

8: Maggie Pierce, Ellis's biological daughter and Meredith's half-sister, joins the Grey family and navigates her own path in medicine.

9: As family dynamics evolve, the Grey family tree remains a central theme of Grey's Anatomy, shaping the characters' journeys and relationships.