1: 1. Cookie's iconic fashion statements 2. Hilarious one-liners that became catchphrases

2: 3. Cookie's epic fight scenes 4. Dramatic family showdowns with the Lyons

3: 5. Cookie's most shocking betrayals 6. Steamy love scenes and romantic moments

4: 7. Unforgettable moments from Cookie's past 8. Times when Cookie showed her vulnerability

5: 9. Cookie's fierce and fiery personality on full display 10. Jaw-dropping plot twists involving Cookie

6: 11. The evolution of Cookie's character throughout the series 12. Cookie's heartbreaking sacrifices for her family

7: 13. Cookie's best clapbacks and comebacks 14. Inspirational moments when Cookie empowered others

8: 15. Cookie's most emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs 16. Unforgettable moments where Cookie showed her strength and resilience

9: 17. The legacy of Cookie Lyons in TV history 18. How Cookie changed the game for female characters on screen.