1: Avocados are expensive, try greek yogurt & cucumber toast for a healthy alternative.

2: Swap avocado for mashed peas & feta on whole grain toast for a budget-friendly option.

3: Make a creamy avocado-free guacamole using green peas & herbs for a tasty twist.

4: Substitute avocado with hummus & roasted red peppers for a nutritious sandwich spread.

5: Enjoy a spinach & walnut salad with olive oil dressing as a non-avocado option.

6: Try a tomato & basil bruschetta with olive oil for a simple but delicious alternative.

7: Opt for a beet & goat cheese salad with balsamic vinaigrette to replace avocado.

8: Whip up a sweet potato & black bean bowl for a hearty and wallet-friendly alternative.

9: Satisfy your avocado craving with a delicious mango salsa for a tropical twist.