1: "Intro to Hunchback Posture" Learn 7 easy exercises to fix hunchback posture and improve your overall spinal health.

2: "Shoulder Blade Squeeze" Gently squeeze your shoulder blades together to strengthen the upper back muscles and correct hunchback posture.

3: "Wall Angels" Perform wall angels to improve shoulder mobility and alignment, helping to combat hunchback posture.

4: "Cat-Cow Stretch" Practice the cat-cow stretch to increase flexibility in the spine and reduce the hunch in your back.

5: "Chin Tucks" Engage in chin tucks to strengthen the neck muscles and promote a neutral head position, aiding in hunchback posture correction.

6: "Thoracic Extension" Perform thoracic extension exercises to open up the chest and improve posture by reducing hunchback curvature.

7: "Plank Variations" Incorporate plank variations into your routine to strengthen the core muscles and support a straight spine, preventing hunchback posture.

8: "Bridge Pose" Try the bridge pose to target the back and glutes, promoting better posture and combating the effects of hunchback posture.

9: "Consistency is Key" Consistently practicing these exercises will help correct hunchback posture over time, leading to better spinal alignment and overall health.