1: Start your day right with a delicious tuna salad sandwich packed with protein and veggies.

2: Mix tuna with Greek yogurt for a creamy, low-fat dressing that's still full of flavor.

3: Add crunch with chopped celery and red onion for extra texture and taste.

4: Sprinkle in some fresh herbs like parsley and dill for a burst of freshness.

5: Swap out mayo for avocado for a healthier, creamy alternative in your tuna salad.

6: Spread your tuna salad on whole grain bread for added fiber and nutrients.

7: Don't forget to add a slice of tomato and lettuce for extra vitamins and flavor.

8: Wrap your sandwich in a lettuce leaf for a low-carb, gluten-free option.

9: Enjoy a satisfying and healthy breakfast on-the-go with this ultimate tuna salad sandwich recipe.