1: Title: A Quick Morning Stretch Routine for Desk Workers Stay limber with these simple stretches to start your day off right.

2: Title: Cat-Cow Stretch Release tension in your spine with this gentle yoga stretch.

3: Title: Seated Spinal Twist Alleviate lower back pain by twisting gently while seated.

4: Title: Shoulder Rolls Relieve tightness in your shoulders and neck with easy rolls.

5: Title: Forward Fold Stretch your hamstrings and back with a simple forward bend.

6: Title: Chest Opener Counteract hunching over your desk with this heart-opening stretch.

7: Title: Hip Flexor Stretch Combat tight hips from sitting all day with this essential stretch.

8: Title: Wrist Circles Reduce wrist strain from typing with circular movements.

9: Title: Standing Side Stretch Wake up your side body and improve posture with this stretch.