1: 1. Cookie Lyons fiercely asserted her power on Empire. 2. Her fashion sense always stood out. 3. She fearlessly confronted her enemies.

2: 4. Cookie's resilience was unmatched. 5. She prioritized her family above all else. 6. Her confidence was inspiring.

3: 7. Cookie's one-liners were legendary. 8. She navigated the music industry with ease. 9. Her charisma drew people in.

4: 10. Cookie's determination never wavered. 11. She balanced strength and vulnerability. 12. Her loyalty was unwavering.

5: 13. Cookie's business acumen was top-notch. 14. She always fought for what she believed in. 15. Her love for her sons was unconditional.

6: 16. Cookie's style was iconic. 17. She never backed down from a challenge. 18. Her leadership was undeniable.

7: 19. Cookie's impact on Empire was immense. 20. She always demanded respect. 21. Her passion fueled her success.

8: 22. Cookie's humor kept things lively. 23. She faced adversity head-on. 24. Her independence was empowering.

9: 25. Cookie Lyons is the epitome of a true boss on Empire.